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Our unique process replaces demolition and rebuilding, and reduces the need to replace carpets, furnishings and personal items

Our solutions are free of hazardous materials and harsh chemicals

Within 24 hours mold is eliminated, the property is healthy, and ready to be lived in safely

Certified and licensed professionals

Our personal guarantee

Our customers have saved up to 65% over competitive quotes

We work in confidence. Our company vehicles are unmarked, which allows you to maintain a strong level of privacy for your home or business

For natural solutions to eliminate bacteria and sanitize athletic facilities, locker rooms, gyms and hospitals see our bacterial page.

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Mold Removal and Bacteria Sanitization Naturally...Safe & Environmentally Friendly...

Mold removal does not have to be unsafe or costly.

Mold and mold removal can be scary. Mold in a home or building adversely affects the indoor air quality. Even with all the pollutants released into the outdoors, indoor air can be much more dangerous to breath. Mold and mildew in homes, schools and workplaces have a dramatic effect on our overall health–from allergic reactions to sometimes severe illnesses.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that we spend as much as 90% of our time indoors, and emphasizes the importance of healthy indoor air quality. Typical mold remediation methods tear out walls, ceilings, carpets and interior framework. Once this is done chemicals are applied. Chemicals, including bleach have been proven to be unsafe, ineffective long term, and bad for the environment.

You deserve a healthy living environment. You deserve a better solution for mold removal and bacteria sanitization.

At Indoor Environmental, our method uses an ultra green, organic enzyme that seeks out surface, air, hidden mold and mold spores, and bacteria. This recent biotech breakthrough utilizes food grade plant enzyme technology and is all natural, poses no health risk, and is environmentally friendly. Our product has been test by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and registered with the EPA to remove mold and bacteria.

Our enzyme product does not just kill mold, it removes it. Dead mold still carries allergenic properties which can have a negative impact on us. Our mold removal services eliminate most deconstruction and rebuilding, which saves time and reduces the cost of mold remediation. The only time we recommend the removal of building materials if they are physically or structurally unsound.

Our non-invasive process allows you to keep furniture, carpeting and personal items. Without having to rebuild interiors you have more time and money to spend on your family and business.


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Eliot: We had mold that had been caused by a bathroom fan being vented in the attic. We needed to treat the attic mold ASAP due to a pending real-estate transaction. Indoor Environmental quickly came and assessed the situation, treated the mold, and confirmed the mold was treated (air test) with very fast turn-around.

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