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Our Mold Removal Solution

Our mold removal product is FDA Approved, and EPA Registered to kill mold. But it does more than that, it removes mold by first bonding with mold, then ingesting it. It then converts it to an amino acid with no allergenic properties. Our solution is applied with hand held fogging machines and seeks out surface, air, and hidden mold and mold spores.. As long as there is mold present, the enzyme continues to work. Once the mold is eliminated, what's left is a light, clean scent, and healthy living environment, and excellent indoor air quality.

Our mold removal solution is an ultra green plant based enzyme solution that is all natural and organic, poses no health threat to humans or pets, and is environmentally friendly.

Traditional mold remediation methods employ harsh chemicals, which are potentially hazardous, harmful to the environment, and stop working on contact with a surface. These are applied after removing floors, walls, carpeting and other materials. Rooms then need to be rebuild further adding to the expense.

Why Indoor Environmental:

Indoor Environmentals' solution is a recent biotech breakthrough and has changed the way mold is eliminated, which makes other methods of mold removal more time consuming and more expensive.
  • Our unique process is non-invasive and replaces most demolition and rebuilding, and reduces and often times eliminates the need to replace carpets, furnishings and personal items.
  • Our solutions are free of hazardous materials and harsh chemicals
  • Within 24 hours the mold is eliminated, the property is healthy, and ready to be lived in safely.
  • Our personal guarantee
  • Certified and licensed professionals.
  • Our customers have saved up to 65% over competitive quotes.
  • We work in confidence. Our company vehicles are unmarked, which allows you to maintain a strong level of privacy for your home or business.
Our Primary Goals
  • Provide a clean and healthy environment for our customers.
  • Perform our services in a non-invasive manner.
  • Avoid removal of building materials unless there is physical or structural damage.
  • Provide a permanent solution.