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Mold Inspection

Mold Inspections include Visual Inspection and Mold Testing

Our mold inspection begins with a thorough visual inspection of the area of concern. Inspections can be isolated to a specific area or encompassing the whole home or structure.

The inspection is comprehensive and includes analysis of mold conditions present, cause of mold growth (source location) present as well as preventive recommendations to reduce the potential of any future recontamination. Inspection may include the use of Thermal Imaging, Non-Invasive Moisture Meters, Thermo_Hygrometer or other tools to properly asses conditions not present visually. Additionally, laboratory testing is always available to provide detailed results of conditions not visible or confirm visual observations.

A moisture problem may be obvious, such as excessive humidity, a leaky roof, flooded basement, or a burst water pipe, but our inspections go much deeper. In some cases, the moisture source is not visible and, therefore, must be found with test equipment.

Mold is very commonly misdiagnosed and misunderstood. It is important to have an honest, calm and realistic inspection. At Indoor Environmental we strive to treat our clients as family.

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Eliot: We had mold that had been caused by a bathroom fan being vented in the attic. We needed to treat the attic mold ASAP due to a pending real-estate transaction. Indoor Environmental quickly came and assessed the situation, treated the mold, and confirmed the mold was treated (air test) with very fast turn-around.

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