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Mold Remediation

1. Inspection

An interview is conducted with the property owner/manager to determine areas of concern, what in their opinion caused the problem, and the history of the property in relation to past issues. A visual inspection of the property is made. Instrument readings are taken, as necessary, to determine humidity and moisture levels of the interior, and building materials such as walls, ceilings and wood frame structure. Air or surface samples may be taken upon request for further information regarding conditions that may or may not be present. All samples are sent to examined by an independent third party laboratory for unbiased results.

2. Green Solutions for mold removal

If the building requires remediation, the following takes place:
  • A containment barrier is constructed separating the contaminated area from other areas to prevent cross contamination.
  • A negative air machine is used, as necessary, in the contained area to remove contaminated air. The negative air machine is vented though a window with 8 inch flex hose. The window is sealed to prevent blow back of contaminated air.
  • Surfaces are cleaned using HEPA vacuums or wiped down.
  • An oxygen based pre-treatment is applied, as necessary, to the affected surface to remove mold growth and discoloration.
  • After the area is cleaned the negative air machine runs until the air has been exchanged a minimum of 7 times.
  • The area is then treated with our EPA registered natural enzyme using hand held fogging devices. Only fogging reaches air, surface and hidden mold and mold spores. The enzyme kills mold quickly and then breaks down the proteins to remove the mold and all allergens. The enzyme is an active protein and penetrates porous and semi-porous materials to reach and remove the molds root structure.

3. Post treatment quality control

  • Usually 5-7 days after treatment clearance testing is done. Samples are taken and evaluated by independent labs. We follow strict industry protocols, and if the test results are unacceptable, we keep working until they are.
  • Our mold removal enzyme is safe for humans and pets, and will not damage delicate personal items. It is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.


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Eliot: We had mold that had been caused by a bathroom fan being vented in the attic. We needed to treat the attic mold ASAP due to a pending real-estate transaction. Indoor Environmental quickly came and assessed the situation, treated the mold, and confirmed the mold was treated (air test) with very fast turn-around.

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